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Rush dobos : Neil Peart
basszusgitáros/énekes : Geddy Lee
gitáros : Alex Lifeson
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Albumok :

Rush (1974)
Rush - Rush1.Finding My Way 
2.Need Some Love 
3.Take A Friend 
4.Here Again 
5.What You`re Doing 
6.In The Mood 
7.Before And After 
8.Working Man 
Fly By Night (1975)
Rush - Fly By Night1.Anthem 
2.Best I Can 
3.Beneath, Between and Behind 
4.By-Tor and the Snowdog 
5.Fly By Night 
6.Making Memories 
8.In The End 
Caress Of Steel (1975)
Rush - Caress Of Steel1.Bastille Day 
2.I Think I`m Going Bald 
3.Lakeside Park 
4.The Necromancer 
5.The Fountain of Lamneth 
2112 (1976)
Rush - 21121.2112 
2.A Passage to Bangkok 
3.The Twilight Zone 
6.Something For Nothing 
A Farewell To Kings (1977)
Rush - A Farewell To Kings1.A Farewell To Kings 
3.Closer To The Heart 
4.Cinderella Man 
6.Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage 

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