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Long Black Train (2003)
Josh Turner - Long Black Train1.Long Black Train 
2.In My Dreams 
3.What It Ain`t 
4.I Had One One Time 
6.Backwoods Boy 
7.Unburn All Our Bridges 
8.You Don`t Mess Around With Jim 
9.She`ll Go On You 
10.Good Woman Bad 
11.The Difference Between a Woman and a Man 
Your Man (2006)
Josh Turner - Your Man1.Would You Go With Me 
2.Baby`s Gone Home to Mama 
3.No Rush 
4.Your Man 
5.Loretta Lynn`s Lincoln 
6.White Noise (feat. John Anderson) 
7.Angels Fall Sometimes 
8.Angels Fall Sometimes 
9.Lord Have Mercy On a Country Boy 
10.Me and God 
12.Way Down South 
Everything Is Fine (2007)
Josh Turner - Everything Is Fine1.Everything Is Fine 
3.Another Try (feat. Trisha Yearwood) 
4.So Not My Baby 
6.Baby, I Go Crazy 
7.Nowhere Fast (duet with Anthony Hamilton) 
8.The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss) 
9.One Woman Man 
11.The Way He Was Raised 
12.South Carolina Low Country 
Haywire (Deluxe edition) (2010)
Josh Turner - Haywire (Deluxe edition)1.Why Don`t We Just Dance 
2.I Wouldn`t Be A Man 
4.Your Smile 
5.Lovin` You On My Mind 
6.As Fast As I Could 
7.I`ll Be There 
8.All Over Me 
9.Eye Candy 
10.Friday Paycheck 
11.The Answer 
12.This Kind of Love 
13.Let`s Find A Church 
14.Long Black Train (Live) 
15.Your Man (Live) 

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