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Girlschool ének,gitár : Kim McAuliffe
gitár : Jackie Chambers
basszusgitár,ének : Enid Williams
dobok : Denise Dufort

Albumok :

Demolition (1980)
Girlschool - Demolition1.Demolition Boys 
2.Not for Sale 
3.Race With the Devil 
4.Take It All Away 
5.Nothing to Lose 
7.Midnight Ride 
9.Baby Doll 
Hit and Run (1981)
Girlschool - Hit and Run1.C`mon Let`s Go 
2.The Hunter 
3.3."(I`m Your) Victim 
4.Kick It Down 
5.Following the Crowd 
7.Hit And Run 
8.Watch Your Step 
9.Back to Start 
10.Yeah Right 
11.Future Flash 
Screaming Blue Murder (1982)
Girlschool - Screaming Blue Murder1.Screaming Blue Murder 
2.Live with Me 
3.Take It from Me 
5.It Turns Your Head Around 
6.Don`t Call It Love 
8.When Your Blood Runs Cold 
9.You Got Me 
10.Flesh & Blood 
Play Dirty (1983)
Girlschool - Play Dirty1.Going Under 
2.High N Dry 
3.Play Dirty 
4.20th Century Boy 
5.Breaking All the Rules 
6.Burning in the Heat 
8.Rock Me Shock Me 
9.Running for Cover 
10.Breakout (Knob in the Media) 
11.Don`t Call It Love 
13.Like It Like That 
14.1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll 
Running Wild (1985)
Girlschool - Running Wild1.Let Me Go 
2.Running Wild 
3.Do You Love Me? 
4.Something for Nothing 
5.Are You Ready? 
6.Nowhere to Run 
7.I Want You Back 
8.Nasty Nasty 
9.Love is a Lie 
10.Can`t You See? 
Nightmare at Maple Cross (1986)
Girlschool - Nightmare at Maple Cross1.All Day, All Night 
2.Play With Fire 
3.Danger Sign 
4.Never Too Late 
5.Tiger Feet 
6.Back For More 
7.Let`s Go Crazy 
8.You Got Me (Under Your Spell) 
9.Let`s Break Out 
10.Turn It Up 
Take a Bite (1988)
Girlschool - Take a Bite1.Action 
2.Fox on the Run 
3.Girls on Top 
4.Tear it Up 
5.Love At First Bite 
6.Head Over Heels 
7.Up All Night 
8.This Time 
9.Don`t Walk Away 
10.Too Hot to Handle 
Girlschool (1992)
Girlschool - Girlschool1.My Ambition 
2.One More 
3.Can`t Say No 
4.Wild at Heart 
5.Can`t Do That 
6.We Came 
7.Can`t Keep a Good Girl Down 
8.Sitting Pretty 
9.On My Way 
10.Take Me I`m Yours 
21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent (2002)
Girlschool - 21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent1.Coming Your Way 
2.Mad Sister 
3.A Love Too Far 
4.Stay Wild 
7.I Told You So 
8.Have a Nice Day 
9.Born to Be 
11.Little Green Men 
13.Everybody Does It 
Believe (2004)
Girlschool - Believe 1.Come on Up 
2.Let`s Get Hard 
4.We All Love to (Rock `n` Roll) 
6.New Beginning 
8.Never Say Never 
9.You Say 
10.Feel Good 
11.Hold on Tight 
12.Yes Means Yes 
13.We All Have to Choose 
14.Play Around 
Legacy (2008)
Girlschool - Legacy1.Everything`s the Same 
2.From the Other Side 
3.I Spy (Girlschool Mix) 
4.Spend Spend Spend 
5.Whole New World 
6.Just Another Day 
8.Still Waters 
10.Don`t Mess Around 
12.Don`t Talk to Me 
13.Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix) 

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