Diabulus in Musica vocals : Zuberoa Aznárez
keyboards : Gorka Elso
guitars : Adrián M. Vallejo
bass guitar : Alex Sanz
drums : Xabi Jareño

2011-06-03 Budapest - Csillebérci Ifjúsági és Szabadidő Központ - MetalFest 2011 [Képtár]

Diabulus In Musica is a symphonic metal band that perfectly mixes the passion of classical music with the most heartbreaking and modern metal.

In 2010 Diabulus in Musica’s debut album ‘Secrets’ was released. It was distributed worldwide under the well-known international label Metalblade Records. This album placed the band up in the highest position of the genre, receiving many awards, nominations and great reviews from the specialized medias.

Despite it being the first studio work for Diabulus in Musica, the production of ‘Secrets’ had a prestigious technical team, made up of greatest professionals such as Sascha Paeth or Ad Sluijter (ex Epica). Also, members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, RTVE Orchestra, Spanish National Choir and the Ensemble ‘Nova Lux’, collaborated in the recording of ‘Secrets’.

Diabulus in Musica has just recorded their second album, entitled ‘The Wanderer’, which is foreseen to be released in early 2012 under Napalm Records. It is a conceptual album, direct and really promising, where Diabulus in Musica is working again with great and well-known professionals such as Jacob Hansen, Stefan Heilemann or Mark Jansen among others.

Diabulus in Musica has played many gigs so far. They have supported Manowar in their Spanish tour and Theatre of Tragedy in their farewell tour in Mexico. The band has also shared stage with bands like Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth, Doro, Therion, Kreator, Rage, Saxon, Epica, Sabaton and many more.

After the great success achieved at the Metal Female Voices Fest (MFVF 8, Belgium) last year, Diabulus in Musica was booked to play again at the MFVF 9, this time as co-headliners. In that occasion, the band had the opportunity to release their very first videoclip and single ‘Sceneries of Hope’ (The Wanderer), in front of more than 4000 people. The video was also included in the official Metal Female Voices Fest DVD.

It is worth highlighting the welcome that Diabulus in Musica received among their fans. Only a year after the release of Secrets, four fanclubs have been created: ‘Secret Club’ (Costa Rica), ‘The Seventh Gate’ (Mexico), ‘Diabulus in Reinaissance’ (Southamerica) and ‘Los Secretos del Diablo’ (Spain).
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