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Amanda Somerville Vox & Keys : Amanda Somerville
Guitars & Bass : Sascha Paeth & Sander Gommans
Drums : Sascha Paeth & Robert Hunecke
Keys : Sascha, Miro, Simon Oberender
Orchestral Arrangements & Instrumentation : Miro
Acoustic Guitar : Olaf Reitmeier
Guest Vocals on “Scream It” : Jorn Lande

Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter and vocal coach best known for her collaborations with various European metal bands (Avantasia, Epica, Kamelot, After Forever). Since 1999 she has resided and worked mainly in Germany and the Netherlands. With a vocal range from tenor to soprano and stylistically diverse, Amanda’s solo career has thus far been primarily comprised of soft and elegant pop/rock with some hard rock, folk and soul music influences.
TRILLIUM is something new, exciting and very diverse for Amanda, who describes it “more like an expedition with my musical family to explore and celebrate the metamorphosis I've gone through as an artist over the past several years. Quite simply, it's my new baby”.
The TRILLIUM name came about since it “symbolizes a trinity because things are always showing up in 3s in my environment and there are a number of triads occurring in this project, as well” tells Amanda. “The name of the album, "Alloy," is symbolic and metaphorical. An alloy is a substance composed of two or more metals, or of a metal or metals combined with a non-metal, intimately mixed. It also means standard; quality; fineness and is an admixture, as of good with evil. I'm a Pisces, so I'm all about duality and combining known elements - sometimes opposing each other - to create something different. Though I've been working myself further and further into the metal scene, I still always feel the need to add an extra element to make it shine, bling, stand out”.
Musically, TRILLIUM is a hybrid of rock and metal: it's riffy, has a heavy hand instrumentally and is quite different from anything Amanda has ever worked on so far. The creative team on the album includes the acclaimed Sascha Paeth & Miro (KAMELOT, AVANTASIA, EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, ANGRA etc.) on production, songwriting and performances with the participation of Sander Gommans (ex After Forever) and also features Jorn Lande on a very special duet with Amanda.
Amanda's sound is eclectic yet particular, sweet yet raw and commercial yet conventionally-challenged. Singer-songwriter metal with bling. Think Annie Lennox, Doro, Rob Zombie and Sade thrown into a blender and whipped into a frothy concoction.

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Albumok :

Aina -Days of Rising Doom (2004)
Amanda Somerville -  Aina -Days of Rising Doom1.Aina Overture 
3.Silver Maiden 
4.Flight of Torek 
5.Naschtok Is Born 
6.The Beast Within 
7.The Siege of Aina 
8.Talon`s Last Hope 
9.Rape of Oria 
10.Son of Sorvahr 
12.Lalae Amer 
14.Oriana`s Wrath 
Windows (2009)
Amanda Somerville -  Windows1.Mayday 
2.Point of Safe Return 
4.My Song For You 
5.Get Me 
6.Inner Whore 
11.All That I Am 
Alloy (2011)
Amanda Somerville - Alloy1.Machine Gun 
4.Utter Descension 
5.Bow to the Ego 
7.Scream It 
8.Justifiable Casuality 
9.Path of Least Resistance 
10.Into the Dissonance 
11.Slow It Down 
12.Love Is an Illusion 

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