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  Dob : Jay
Gitár : Jeremy
Gitár, Vokál : Michael
Fő Vokál : Mallika
The Abnormality configuration started in 2005 as a one- night performance with Mallika and MA death metal band Teratism. When the other members of Teratism were devoured by polar bears while hunting baby seal in the arctic wilderness, Mallika, Jay (also ex-Goratory) and Michael (also ex-Ascendancy) formed Abnormality and continued on with one goal in mind: to litter the streets with corpses of the elderly and be the best damn 70’s prog-rock band ever!The writing process began, mainly consisting of throwing darts at a board to pick which parts would go where and in which song. Meanwhile, a raffle was held and at its outcome, Jeremy, the sole entrant, had narrowly edged out the competition to secure himself a spot on the roster. The four of them proceeded to “suck it up” because “that’s what [they] trained for” and immersed themselves in jingle-writing and adult video production. Abnormality spent the next several months in and out of underground ultimate fighting circuits and performed twice for the emperor of Sudan.In May 2007, Abnormality released its first demo of ambient guttural thrash and upbeat soul. As a foreshadowing of the severity of this impending release, everyone in the band got sick, got mad at each other for getting each other sick, and generally had a less-than-spectacular time going about the whole process. Entirely self-produced in every conceivable manner by the band, it is a vicious strike at the competitively watered-down radio-rock infused “underground” for which Massachusetts is becoming known.After six hundred and twelve auditions, Shawn (ex-Porphyria) joined the band on bass in early 2008, finally completing the line-up and eliminating any lingering excuses. Some day he may even end up in the mix. Abnormality is now hard at work on its first full-length album. Working album titles include ‘Pleasure Horse’, ‘Riding the E-Train’ and ‘Muffins and Stardust.’ Better ideas may emerge, if they can stop getting drunk and making fun of each other and get something productive done instead.

Albumok :

Abnormality (2005)
Abnormality - Abnormality1.Visions [watch video]
3.Epitomize the Weak 

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